​​Farm Insurance ​Options


Crop Insurance alone isn't enough

While government crop insurance programs are a valuable resource for every farm, depending on crop insurance programs alone don't provide enough risk protection for your farm.

Coverage against uncontrollable natural and man-made incidents can help provide protection from hail to tornados, to vehicle incidents and illness or death. Country Insurance has developed innovative insurance packages to respond to these conditions.

Crop Hail GRAINGUARD Policy

Country Insurance offers a crop hail insurance product in Illinois called GrainGuard to protect corn, soybeans, wheat, grain sorghum, and many other crops from risks like hail, fire, lightning, vandalism and malicious mischief. ​This package of coverages on our GrainGuard policy were developed to meet the unique situations farmers face. Coverage highlights include: 

Wind Plus 
Coverage for losses due to wind damage or green snap. 

Green Snap Plus 
Coverage for losses due to green snap only on a per acre basis. 

Good Samaritan 
Protection if you can't plant or harvest your crop due to severe illness or death and volunteers help plant or harvest your crop 

Disappearing Deductibles 
5% and 10% deductibles will no longer apply if a crop loss reaches a certain percentage of your crop operation 

Tornado Debris Cleanup 
Coverage for debris removal and cleanup from outbuildings blown into an insured field as a 
result of a tornado. 

Stored Grain 
Stored grain coverage for your crop at no additional charge. Cargo coverage is also provided 

Land Motor Vehicle/Aircraft 
Protection if someone accidentally drives through your field (damaging your crops) and admits to it. You also have protection if an aircraft piloted by a human lands in your field and the field is damaged by the aircraft and/or the emergency personnel. 

Farm Managed Crop Hail Policy 

Country Insurance also offers a Farm Managed Crop Hail policy that provides unique coverage for both standing crops and harvested grain. The Farm Managed Crop Hail policy offers optional replant endorsements, special discounts when applicable, along with many other benefits free to the producer. 


Country Insurance--partners in ag management with AgriVisor

country insuranceWhen you work with an AgriVisor Ag Specialist, you work with a professional who will provide a custom review of your business, and discuss crop insurance including both public and private options. AgriVisor partners with Country Insurance to provide you with the best solution for your specific needs. 

As a farm owner you want to concentrate on the business of production, while not losing sight of the other important aspects of your business—such as Risk Management. 

Learn more about crop insurance by visiting the Country Insurance website, consulting our guide to crop insurance basics, or contact an AgriVisor specialist.