AgriVisor Morning MarketWatch

Tuesday, April 06, 2021
The rest of this week will be spent getting positions in place ahead of Friday’s monthly WASDE report. Typically the April report receives little attention but given the current stocks to use numbers in the US, all data is being closely monitored by trade. This is especially the case on the soy complex where ending stocks are already a minimal 120 million bu and some believe this is too high. A few forecasts indicate demand is 100 million bu higher than the USDA is admitting. While this may be true, it is highly unlikely the USDA will publish an ending stocks figure of only 20 million bu. Trade is also closely monitoring the global oilseed stocks to use that is expected to be the lowest in several years this year. Corn and wheat stocks are also forecast to tighten this year, but not to an absolute minimal level. It is believed that this tight supply will be short-lived however, as next year’s crops are forecast to increase considerably. While this is possible, the market is likely going to maintain a rationing mode until higher production can be verified. Trade will also continue to monitor the outside markets, mainly new restrictions being placed as Covid cases rise around the world.  

* Technicals becoming more of a market factor
* Suez Canal traffic back to normal
* China to increase pest control in production
* Ukraine grain exports -24% from year ago
* US gasoline demand highest since last August
* More countries announce Covid restrictions
* Market attention shifting to new crop
* Very little room for production loss
* Chinese feed demand too high on corn
* WASDE report on Friday  

* US corn 2% planted, equal to average
* Mexico stepping up corn imports
* Analysts predicting higher plantings than USDA
* Ukraine predicts larger crop on fewer acres
* Dry in Brazil for next two weeks
* EU ups import forecast
* Delta planting now underway
* Export demand has slowed
* Analysts raising Brazil crop estimate
* Higher exports predicted in WASDE 
* US winter wheat 53% G/E
* Black Sea is dominating global trade
* China may halt auctions
* Feeders in China buying directly from farmers
* Global wheat values pressure US
* Cash cattle working higher
* Feeder cattle continue to rally
* Pork sales highest in 2 years
* Slaughter numbers rising
* All eyes on Chinese demand

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