AgriVisor Morning MarketWatch

Thursday, January 27, 2022
For the past several months we have witnessed the commodities and equities track each other for market movement. The primary cause of this has been the increased interest in commodities by the managed money crowd. Managed money investors have started to carry more commodities in their portfolios which has been beneficial for corn, soybean, and wheat values at times. This has also caused an increase in market volatility with futures rallying then selling off with no traditional fundamental reason. The question now is how long this may last. Some financial market analysts believe we are going to start seeing a divergence between commodities and equities as the calendar year progresses. One of the primary reasons for this is that equities can rally without becoming overbought compared to other countries. If commodities rally the United States can lose interest in the global market when values top other sources. An easing of panic buying in regard to the Covid pandemic may also limit commodity buying if equities continue their rally. The unknown in all of this is what will happen if inflationary buying takes place in commodities, which could actually support that market while the financials suffer.  

* World food values at pre-pandemic highs
* Demand for US sorghum rising
* Russian economy faltering
* Russian currency lowest in 14 months  
* Lunar New Year in China starts Feb 1st   
* Politics affecting Chinese imports from Ukraine
* Rains slow Brazilian harvest
* Brazil rains favor Safrinha planting       
* Weekly ethanol production -126,000 barrels
* Ethanol stocks +884,000 barrels

* Ukraine grain exports +28% on the year
* Little feed demand in export line up
* 22% of Argentine corn G/E 
* Country movement is building 
* Brazil weather favorable for Safrinha 
* Brazil harvest ahead of last year 
* China shopping for late summer US offers
* Light farm sales in Brazil     
* US farmers selling also slow  
* Harvest pressure from Brazil is building     

* Canadian exports -41% on the year
* Weekly US sales rising
* Russian yearly sales -21%  
* Russian again lowers export tax 
* Chinese buying stalls
* Feeder cattle supply tightens  
* Heifers account for 38% of feedlot inventory    
* US hog slaughter -10% on the year  
* Hog weights -2 pounds
* US pork production -15%  

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